Primark faces backlash over introduction of self-service checkouts


Shoppers threaten to boycott Primark

Fuming Primark customers have expressed their outrage and threatened to boycott the store after the introduction of self-service checkouts. Many are concerned that this change will only worsen during the busy Christmas shopping period.

Disappointed fans fear longer queues and more problems

Primark fans have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with the introduction of self-service checkouts. One shopper visited the Bexleyheath branch in southeast London and was horrified to find these new checkouts. She expressed her disdain on Facebook, stating that she refuses to use self-service tills and will boycott any store that implements them. She also worries that these checkouts will lead to even more problems and longer queues, especially during the holiday season.

Unpopularity of self-service checkouts

Recent data has revealed that self-service checkouts are not well-liked among shoppers. Many Facebook users commented on the post, expressing their frustrations with these automated systems. Some mentioned that the self-service tills often malfunction, causing delays in the checkout process. Others criticized the reduction in staff due to the implementation of self-service checkouts, leading to fewer job opportunities. Some shoppers, however, had a more neutral standpoint and admitted to using self-service tills when the regular tills were busy.

Mixed opinions on the new checkouts

While some customers are vehemently against the introduction of self-service checkouts, others are more open to the change. Some shoppers expressed relief at the option to use self-service checkouts, especially when the regular tills are crowded. They praised the speed and convenience of these new checkouts, stating that it made their shopping experience easier. Some even mentioned the benefits for individuals with anxiety, as it allows them to complete their transactions quickly and avoid extended interactions with staff.

Complete list of Primark stores with self-service checkouts

Primark currently has self-service checkouts available in the following nine stores: Sheffield The Moor, Coventry, Slough, Kingston, Edinburgh, West Bromwich, Northampton, Basingstoke, and Milton Keynes Shopping Park.

Fans happy with new click and collect service for womenswear

Amidst the controversy surrounding self-service checkouts, Primark fans were delighted to discover that the store has expanded its click and collect service to include all womenswear. Previously, customers could only select kids' clothing and nursery items for this service. This new change allows shoppers to order their entire Autumn wardrobe online and collect it from their local branch. The expanded range includes an additional 2,500 items. However, this service is currently only available in 57 select stores in London, the north west, and north Wales. Shoppers must spend a minimum of £10 to use this service.

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