Scope Charity Shop in Norwich Forced to Close Amid Cost of Living Crisis


A beloved charity shop in Anglia Square, Norwich, has closed its doors for the final time due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. The closure of the Scope charity shop is just one of many across the UK that have fallen victim to rising costs and a decline in foot traffic.

End of an Era

The Scope charity shop in Anglia Square, Norwich, has been a staple in the community for years. Known for its partnership with Asos and its selection of wedding dresses, the store provided affordable and fashionable options for shoppers. However, increasing costs and a decrease in high street visitors have forced the shop to make the difficult decision to close.

Scope's Response

Debbie Boylen, head of retail at Scope, expressed sadness over the closure of the Anglia Square store. She acknowledged the impact of the cost of living crisis and the pandemic on high street retailers. While the closure is a challenging decision, Scope remains hopeful that they can relocate to another part of the town or nearby.

Continued Support

Although the Anglia Square store has closed, there are still ways to support Scope. The charity has nearby shops in Great Yarmouth, Newmarket, and Ely. Additionally, shoppers can visit Scope on eBay or the charity's online shop to make a difference.

Community Response

The closure of the Scope charity shop has left locals disappointed. Many took to social media to express their dismay at the loss of a valuable community resource. Mick Betts questioned the severity of the situation, wondering why even charity shops with favorable rates are being forced to close.

Raya-mhari Iglesias Beattie simply described the closure as a "shame."

Challenges Faced by Charity Shops

The closure of the Scope charity shop in Norwich is not an isolated incident. Just weeks ago, the charity chain closed its branch in Newbury. The cost of living crisis, combined with the ongoing pandemic, has placed immense pressure on charity shops across England and Wales. The Scope charity shop chain, which used to have over 200 stores, now lists only 190 on its website.

The closure of the Scope charity shop in Norwich serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by high street retailers in today's competitive digital world. As the cost of living crisis continues to impact communities, it is crucial to support local businesses and charitable organizations.

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