Shoppers Go Wild for Baileys Alternative with Real Chocolate

‘It's amazing’ scream shoppers as they find alternative Baileys with real chocolate,,

Sainsbury's Offers Discount on Baileys Chocolat Luxe Liqueur

Shoppers are flocking to buy an alternative Baileys liqueur that contains real chocolate. Sainsbury's is currently selling a 50cl bottle of Baileys Chocolat Luxe Liqueur for just £10, a discount from its usual price of £13. This offer is available until January 1, 2024, making it the cheapest price currently available. Other retailers such as Ocado sell it for £12, while Waitrose offers it at the regular retail price.

Indulgent Ingredients and Serving Suggestions

Baileys Chocolat Luxe Liqueur is described as a combination of luxurious ingredients, including Madagascar vanilla, real Belgian chocolate, and original Baileys Irish Cream. The advertising highlights its indulgent flavors of bitter cocoa and rich caramel tones. It is recommended to be enjoyed neat over ice or poured over a scoop of ice cream. Some shoppers have even suggested giving it as a gift this Christmas season.

Shopper Reactions

Shoppers have been raving about the alternative Baileys with real chocolate. One person commented, "This stuff is AMAZING!!!" when discussing the product. Another shopper questioned the difference between this alternative and the standard Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, to which others pointed out that the standard version does not contain real Belgian chocolate. While some have praised the flavor of the alternative, others have found it too sweet for their taste.

Other Popular Shopping Finds

This frenzy for the alternative Baileys comes after Asda shoppers rushed to buy a cheap kitchen gadget to cut energy bills. In addition, one shopper shared how they managed to purchase a tub of Quality Street chocolates for just £2. Milkybar fans are also excited about the return of a "lush" collaboration at B&M stores.


With its discounted price and real chocolate infusion, the alternative Baileys Chocolat Luxe Liqueur has become a hit among shoppers. Whether it's enjoyed during holiday gatherings or given as a gift, this indulgent liqueur is sure to please those with a sweet tooth.

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