Supermarket Chain HISBE Closes All Stores Due to Financial Struggles



HISBE Food (How It Should BE), a socially conscious supermarket chain with stores in Brighton and Worthing, has made the difficult decision to close all of its locations. The closure comes as the company faces financial challenges and is unable to meet its obligations to creditors.

A Rebel Retailer with a Mission

HISBE Food, founded in 2013 by two sisters, prided itself on being a "rebel retailer" that gave back to its suppliers by donating a portion of its profits. However, the company faced backlash in 2019 when militant vegans protested against the sale of "ethical" steak, accusing the company of false advertising.

Pandemic and Cost of Living Crisis Take a Toll

HISBE Food cites the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis as the main reasons for its closure. Despite hopes of a rebound in sales, the company was unable to recover, leading to the difficult decision to halt trading.

Financial Struggles and Plans for the Future

In a statement on Facebook, HISBE Food acknowledges its financial obligations to staff, suppliers, and lenders. The company is currently exploring options to raise funds and hopes that this closure is temporary, allowing them to continue their important work as a social enterprise.

Support from the Community

The closure announcement received an outpouring of support from fans and customers. Many expressed their disappointment with the state of Britain's high streets and called for crowdfunding efforts to help HISBE Food overcome its financial challenges.

Challenges Faced by Retailers

HISBE Food is not the only retailer struggling in today's competitive digital world. Rising energy costs and the growing popularity of online shopping have forced many businesses to make difficult decisions, including store closures, in order to cut costs and stay afloat.

The Impact on Other Retailers

The closure of HISBE Food adds to the list of retailers facing challenges. Homebase and Poundstretcher have also closed stores recently, while even charity shops like Oxfam have had to make the difficult decision to shut down some of their UK locations.

A Hope for the Future

While HISBE Food faces uncertain times, the company remains hopeful that it can find a way to continue its mission in the future. With the support of the community and potential fundraising efforts, there is a possibility that HISBE Food can overcome its current financial struggles.

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