Tesco Acquires 51-Year-Old Shop Chain on Isle of Man and Vows to Rebrand


Tesco, the supermarket giant, has made a significant acquisition by purchasing a 51-year-old shop chain on the Isle of Man. The company has announced plans to rebrand all nine stores in the next nine months.

Isle of Man's Shoprite Stores Bought by Tesco

Shoprite, which has been operating on the Isle of Man since 1972, has been bought by Tesco. The majority shareholders of Shoprite, Deryck and Kevin Nicholson, expressed their gratitude to the staff and called the sale a carefully considered decision.

Tesco Promises "Fantastic Value" to Shoppers

Tesco CEO Jason Tarry has affirmed the company's commitment to delivering "fantastic value" to shoppers on the island. Tarry also praised Shoprite for building a successful business over the years and expressed his satisfaction with the agreement.

Impact on Jobs

Enterprise Minister Tim Johnston acknowledged that there may be job risks outside of the stores. However, he expressed optimism about Tesco's commitment to retaining the majority of staff and investing in the existing store network over the next year.

Support for Local Suppliers

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan emphasized the importance of the Shoprite brand in supporting local food producers by stocking their products. He expressed his desire to maintain a similar partnership with local businesses as Tesco takes over.

Tesco's Growing Presence on the Isle of Man

Tesco's acquisition of Shoprite stores expands its presence on the Isle of Man. Prior to the purchase, Tesco only had one store in the capital Douglas, which opened in 2000.

Other News

In other news, a fashion blogger praised Tesco's autumn clothes range, comparing it favorably to H&M. B&M has also announced a massive toy sale for customers to get a head start on their Christmas shopping. Additionally, shoppers are rushing to buy £10 folding camping chairs, which are scanning for only £2.50 at the checkout.

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