Tesco Discontinues Popular White Chocolate Pudding Ahead of Christmas

Tesco discontinues 'god tier' chocolate pud weeks before Christmas & shoppers say the alternatives are 'useless'

Tesco has left customers disappointed by discontinuing the beloved Lindahl's Kvarg white chocolate pudding just weeks before Christmas. Shoppers were dismayed to find the treat missing from store shelves, prompting them to express their frustration on social media.

Outrage on Twitter

One customer took to Twitter, saying, "Have you stopped selling the Lindahl's 500g white chocolate kvarg pots? I bought them last week but they have now vanished. The 150g pots are useless." Many others echoed this sentiment, expressing their disappointment at the decision.

Tesco Responds

A Tesco spokesperson confirmed that the popular pudding has been discontinued and will not be restocked. The white chocolate flavor had garnered a loyal following among customers, who praised its creamy texture and delicious taste. Many also appreciated its low-carb and guilt-free qualities, making it a favorite among those following a keto diet.

Other Christmas Essentials

This isn't the only Christmas essential that Tesco has recently dropped from its shelves. Fans of the supermarket's turkey and stuffing ball crisps, part of the Tesco Finest range, were also disappointed by their discontinuation. However, Tesco offers alternative Christmas crisps, and HOAR has already tested and reviewed them. Additionally, the supermarket's mince pies were put to the taste test, with Tesco's version coming out on top against competitors like Mr Kipling, Aldi, and Lidl.

Magic Tills

In another significant change, Tesco has introduced "magic tills" to eliminate the frustrating "unexpected item in the bagging area" moments that shoppers often encounter. This innovation aims to streamline the checkout process and enhance the overall shopping experience.

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