Thrifty mum reveals contents of mystery charity shop bags


A mum from Scotland has shared her exciting find after purchasing two mystery bags for just £3 each from a local Cancer Research charity shop. Erin Archibald took to TikTok to reveal the contents of the bags and determine whether they were worth the money.

Surprising treasures discovered

Erin's first bag contained an assortment of toiletries, jewellery, and even tech devices. Among the items were a card holder, a key chain, a bottle of peach body lotion worth £1.99, and even a travel size soap from Buckingham Palace. Erin was pleasantly surprised, exclaiming, "That's actually not bad!"

The second bag held a book by Ewan McGregor worth over £4, already surpassing the cost of the entire bag. Additionally, Erin found a brand new headband, lavender soap and shower gel, a bracelet, a purse, and a CD. To her delight, she also discovered a portable bag hanger, which she described as "cool" and even came with instructions.

More mystery bag revelations

This isn't the first time mystery bags have captivated shoppers. Another thrifty shopper revealed her incredible finds from a £1 plastic bag at a carboot sale. Meanwhile, a fashionista showcased a haul of trendy garments from a mystery bag that only set her back £20.

Inexpensive wardrobe updates

With these inspiring revelations, Erin's discovery proves that replenishing your wardrobe doesn't have to break the bank. Lizzie Dye also took to TikTok to showcase how she scored trendy fashion pieces for just £20. By shopping smart and embracing the mystery bag trend, fashion lovers can find great deals without spending a fortune.

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