Woman Saves £30 on Weekly Shop Using Easy Hack


Using Asda's Rewards App

A woman from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, has revealed how she saved £30 on her weekly shop by using Asda's rewards app. Kymberley Bates shared her experience in a Facebook group for "extreme couponing" and explained that she used the app for "weekly nip-ins" to accumulate points that could be converted into a voucher.

Converting Points into Vouchers

Kymberley demonstrated the process by sharing a digital receipt from her latest trip to her local Asda. She wrote, "Managed to save £27 through weekly nip-ins, they topped it up with that £3 bonus giving £30 total. Created my voucher on the rewards app, and then went onto the Asda app to do a shop, it automatically comes off your total."

Getting Nearly £40-Worth of Items for Under a Tenner

By using the rewards app, Kymberley was able to get nearly £40-worth of items for just £8.27. She explained that users can go to the app's "wallet" feature on the homepage to convert their points into a voucher code. The voucher code can be used in-store or online, and users can even select the amount of credit they want to use for each trip.

Positive Reactions on Social Media

Many social media users loved Kymberley's hack and shared their own experiences. One commenter said, "I've just done a little order to collect 23rd December, spent £47 but used my £45 voucher so just need to pay £2.60. Makes things feel so much better."


By utilizing Asda's rewards app, shoppers like Kymberley can save a significant amount of money on their weekly grocery bills. This easy hack allows users to accumulate points and convert them into vouchers, resulting in substantial savings. So, if you're looking to cut down your grocery expenses, give Asda's rewards app a try!