Michael Gove drives forward with plan to curb high salaries of Town Hall executives


New Legislation to Rein in Town Hall Fatcats

Town Hall executives earning six-figure salaries will face tighter controls under new legislation.

Proposed laws will require any local authority official earning over £100,000 to have their pay approved by elected councillors, aiming to prevent excessive salaries.

Ministers Aim to End Taxpayers' "Raw Deal"

Last year, ministers pledged to address the issue after concerns were raised about the high salaries of some council bosses.

Communities Secretary Michael Gove is championing the initiative to provide better oversight of senior pay within local government.

Push for Accountability in Local Government

Tory MP Paul Bristow's Private Members’ Bill, set to pass its first Commons hurdle, mandates that council roles with salaries exceeding £100,000 must be approved through a full council vote.

Currently, 2,759 council officials earn six-figure salaries, with 721 receiving over £150,000.

A Call to Address Rising Costs

With some councils facing financial struggles, the bill aims to address the growing expenses associated with Town Hall salaries.

Mr. Bristow emphasized the need to consider the financial well-being of council taxpayers and to rein in escalating costs related to town hall salaries.

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