Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry trying to become an MP for the second time as she stands for Brexit Party in Hull


FORMER Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry will try for a second time to become an MP.

The businesswoman is set to contest the seat in her home city of Hull, standing for the Brexit Party.

Michelle Dewberry arriving on the red carpet for the TRIC Awards Christmas Lunch

Michelle, 40, will be pitted against Labours Emma Hardy, who backs a second referendum.

The TV star told The Sun: It would be great to look at Labour whove had the seat since 1997 and say, Youre fired!.

She said: There are many Northern seats that would not vote Tory and if the Tories think they would they are away with the fairies. Its within your DNA that you wouldnt vote for a Tory.”

Asked if she would regret standing if it meant Labour got back in, she replied: “I would not regret representing the people of Hull who do not have it in them to vote Tory.”

Michelle, who stood as an independent in the same Hull West and Hessle seat in 2017, added: Im there to make sure Brexit is properly followed through.