Boris Johnson ‘deliberately misled’ MPs over parties, bombshell report set to find

Copyright Picture JON BOND. 13/06/2023 Boris Johnson goes out jogging with his dog Dilyn at his home in Brightwell Oxfordshire early this morning.

BORIS Johnson deliberately misled MPs about what he knew about parties in No10, a damning probe is expected to say.

The ex-PM dramatically quit the Commons last week after he was told what the outcome of the major Privileges Committee probe would be.

Boris and his dog out for a jog in Oxfordshire early this morning

The PM out jogging as the Covid inquiry is set to start

He furiously accused MPs of a witchunt and of running a kangaroo court – saying they were determined to stitch him up from the start.

This morning BoJo was snapped out jogging again with dog Dilyn, and gave photographers a thumbs up as he passed.

The former PM has repeatedly insisted that he was advised by top officials on what to say about Partygate at the time.

But the findings are set to say that insiders warned him that some rules were broken at the heart of Downing Street.

He argued he came to apologise to MPs and correct the record as soon as he could.

But the MPs are set to accuse him of deliberately being misleading – a huge offence in Parliament.

Last week he accused the committee of bias – saying they had no evidence he misled MPs.

The official Covid inquiry is set to start taking evidence this week.

The committee of MPs is expected to release its report in full early this week, which was set to recommend he was suspended from the Commons as punishment.

But BoJo has now quit as an MP, tendering his resignation to Parliament and sparking a by-election in the coming months – a huge headache for PM Rishi Sunak who will have to try and hang on to it.

It means he will dodge the punishment of being suspended from the House.

But the committee could recommend another punishment – like taking away his parliamentary pass.

MPs will vote on any punishment first.

His decision to quit sparked two of his allies – Nadine Dorries and Nigel Adams – to also formally stand down too.

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