Boris Johnson’s tax gamble passes major Commons hurdle as Tory rebels are whipped into line


BORIS Johnson’s controversial tax gamble passed its first major hurdle in Parliament tonight as Tory rebels were whipped into line.

MPs voted for the Government’s £12billion-a-year tax raid by 317 to 256, a majority of 61.

Boris Johnson’s social care tax gamble sailed through the Commons tonight

The PM’s landmark social care plan hikes National Insurance Contributions and dividend levies by 1.5 per cent from April 2022.

Many Tory backbenchers have expressed anger that it both breaks an election pledge and blows a hole in the party’s reputation for low taxes.

But the revolt melted away as Mr Johnson overcame Labour opposition and marched ahead with his tax rises.

Only six Tories rebelled against the PM – including Red Wall rising star Dehenna Davison – while many more abstained.

Mr Johnson’s refusal to shut down fevered speculation of an immediate Cabinet reshuffle has commanded loyalty from wavering MPs.

Two more votes were expected this evening as the Government tries to ram through its social care plan through the Commons at breakneck speed.

The blueprint to fix the social care crisis will cap care costs at £86,000 from October 2023 – while those earning less than £20,000 will pay nothing.

The £36billion package unveiled last week will also help tackle the NHS backlog of patients whose appointments were axed during lockdown.

A separate health and social care levy will replace the 1.5 per cent NICs hike from April 2023.

MPs endorsed the plan symbolically last week but tonight sees it begin its passage to become law.

The tax hikes will bring the overall tax burden to its highest level in peacetime.