Britain can DOUBLE trade exports and show off best of British business in post-Brexit blitz, ministers vow


BRITAIN can DOUBLE its exports and show off the best of business with a groundbreaking post Brexit trade blitz, ministers vow today.

Anne Marie Trevelyan will this week unveil her landmark 12 point plan to boost sales of everything from Scotch whisky, salmon and lamb to F1 cars, jet engines and our world-leading financial services.

Anne Marie Trevelyan will launch a new 12-point plan to double Britain’s trade this week

The new Trade boss vowed to return Britain to its glory production days, where Belfast’s ships, Sheffield’s steel and Manchester’s cotton were the envy of the world.

Ministers say that exporting firms pay more, are more productive, resilient and profitable, but many are afraid of taking the plunge or aren’t sure how to go about it.

Writing for HOAR today to mark the start of the first ever International Trade Week, she says Britain has fallen behind our competitors in Germany and the Netherlands as “too many businesses fail to see themselves as potential exporters”.

Just one in ten firms in England sell their products overseas, and one in 20 in Scotland.

The Trade Secretary vowed: “We know doubling our exports by helping more companies sell more products to more countries will transform the UK to a high-wage, high skill economy. So let’s do it.

“Our plan is to deliver a world class package of support to business and then work together to exploit the new markets we are opening up with our free trade deals.

“I want to return that pride in what we do and what we sell, and turn Britain into a nation of exporters once again.”

A new national advertising blitz called ‘Made in Britain, Sold to the World’ will launch tomorrow with a billboard campaign across the country.

And 100 events across the UK will give firms tailored support from experts to get their businesses thriving overseas.

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