Britain fragmented into three different groups over coronavirus – the Trusting, the Dissenting and the Frustrated


BRITAIN is fragmenting into three different groups along political lines as people react in wildly different ways to the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

Voters overwhelmingly backed Boris Johnson’s decision to impose the nation’s house arrest on March 23.

Britain has split into three different groups over lockdown

But new research by King’s College London reveals that 11 weeks on, only 38% still have full faith in the Government’s gradual easing of the restrictions.

They are dubbed the Trusting group, who still fear the virus, and are substantially Tory voters who backed Leave in the EU referendum.

An equal number of 38%, known as the Dissenting, have deep fears about Covid-19’s threat and largely voted Labour and Remain.

They are very worried that ministers are moving too fast and want the lockdown to stay in place.

The final group, the Frustrated, want the nation to reopen far faster and are the least worried about the coronavirus threat.

They make up a quarter of the country, 24%, and voted Tory and for Leave marginally more than Labour and Remain, but the divide is closer.

King’s College London Professor Bobby Duffy said: “We went into the lockdown incredibly unified, with nine in 10 of the public supporting the measures – but we’re becoming much more divided on the way out.

“In particular, our views are now aligning much more clearly with our underlying political identities.”


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