Britain will join allies in boycotting international conference dubbed ‘Jew-hate fest’


BRITAIN will join allies in boycotting an international conference dubbed a “Jew-hate fest”.

Boris Johnson’s government will join the US, Australia and Canada in refusing to attend the 20th anniversary of the Durban conference.

Britain is boycotting an international conference dubbed a ‘Jew-hate fest’

First held in South Africa in 2001 to tackle international racism, the US, Canada and Israel walked out amid claims of antisemitism.

In subsequent events, delegates were hounded and harassed, material plastered with swatstikas, and anti-Semitic material handed out.

Karen Emma Pollock described the meeting as a “gathering of Neo-Nazis.” 

Iran’s former President Ahmadinejad — who vowed to “wipe Israel off the map” ­— was once a keynote speaker.

A Government spokesperson said last night: “Following historic concerns regarding anti-Semitism, the UK has decided not to attend the UN’s Durban Conference anniversary event later this year.” 

Insiders said the decision was based around anti-Semitic action and speeches in and around the previous conferences.

The UK did not attend the 10th anniversary of the Durban Conference in 2011, following the same concerns.

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