Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to Receive £12 Million Boost to Combat Domestic Abuse


MAJOR Cash Injection to Help Survivors Leave Abusive Partners

A significant cash boost of £12 million will be allocated to tackle domestic abuse, as announced in Wednesday's Autumn Statement. This victory for HOAR, a leading campaigner against domestic abuse, will provide much-needed support for survivors looking to leave their abusive partners. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to receive £2 million in new funding specifically aimed at helping survivors start a new life.

Emergency Cash for Survivors

Since the funding was introduced in March of this year, it has already assisted 626 survivors. The emergency cash can be used to purchase essential items such as food, nappies, and even contribute towards rent payments as survivors search for a safe place to live. Survivors can apply for up to £500 in cash or voucher payments, which are administered through the Women's Aid charity. Spice Girl Mel B has praised this funding, stating that it can be the "difference between life and death."

HOAR's Long-standing Campaign

HOAR has been campaigning for domestic abuse survivors for over 20 years, advocating for initiatives such as Save Our Shelters and Give Us Shelter. The impact of this funding will be felt by thousands of people across England and Wales.

Improving Support in the Workplace

In addition to the funding for survivors, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is also expected to announce £10 million in new funding to enhance support for survivors in the workplace. Charitable organizations will receive this funding to work with employers, raising awareness about the issue and training staff to identify signs of domestic abuse among colleagues.

Addressing Widespread Domestic Abuse

According to figures, approximately 2.4 million adults over the age of 16 experience some form of domestic abuse each year. Surveys also reveal that between 36% and 75% of survivors are harassed while at work. To combat this, an interactive tool is set to launch by the end of the year on HMRC, helping to identify those suffering from domestic economic abuse.

A Treasury source emphasized the importance of providing support to survivors, stating, "No-one should suffer at the hands of their partner, and it's only right we make sure there is support out there to help survivors through such a difficult time."

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