Chaos of Government’s coronavirus test & trace scheme ‘will last for weeks because it was launched so badly’


CHAOS hitting the Government’s test and trace scheme will last weeks because it was launched so badly, insiders have warned.

After three days contact tracers are still plagued by major tech glitches and other problems including delayed pay, HOAR on Sunday was told.

The Government’s test and trace scheme has been suffering from technical difficulties since its launch

Scheme workers are meant to get in touch with a person infected by coronavirus so anyone who came into close contact with them in the previous 48 hours can be told to self- isolate for 14 days.

But they still cannot get access to systems.

And they warn even if they manage to log into the right software it often does not work.

Because they cannot identify anyone testing positive they cannot call anyone and start the important job they were hired to do.


Tracers helplessly doing nothing warned it is a case of “the blind leading the blind”.

One said: “It’s a disaster. This will last for weeks.

“It’s not fit for purpose and won’t be for a long time.

“There are thousands simply not working because we haven’t got the log-in details.

“It’s agonisingly frustrating.

“The IT around this has been a disaster.

“The backlog will be immense.

“There’s nothing for us to do.

“This was launched without being thought through.

“It’ll be a month of more problems if not longer.

“I sat reading because there was no work.”

Another tracer told HOAR on Sunday: “It’s shambolic. I can’t finish my training.”

A third said: “Staff sit clueless.”

England’s coronavirus test and trace was hit by snags as soon as it was launched by Boris Johnson on Thursday.

Anyone with symptoms will be told to take a test and isolate.

An app to help is being trialled on the Isle of Wight before going nationwide.

Some 25,000 tracers have been hired. Chairwoman of NHS Test and Trace Baroness Dido Harding said they were ready to work.

The Health Department said: “This a completely new large-scale end-to-end service.”