David Cameron Urges Swift Investigation Into Deaths of 117 Palestinians Waiting for Aid Convoy


Tragic Incident Unfolds

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has called for an immediate investigation into the deaths of 117 Palestinians who were killed while waiting for an aid convoy in Gaza. Hundreds more were injured in the chaotic scene as people gathered around trucks carrying supplies.

Conflicting Reports

Hamas claims that Israel opened fire on civilians, while the IDF stated that most of the casualties occurred in a crush following warning shots. The situation has sparked international outrage and calls for accountability.

Global Response

In response to the crisis, US President Joe Biden announced plans to air-drop aid into Gaza in the coming days. Countries like France, Italy, and Germany have also joined the UN in calling for an investigation into the incident.

Urgent Need for Aid

UN Secretary General António Guterres emphasized the critical need for urgent assistance to the desperate civilians in Gaza. The UN has been unable to deliver aid to the northern part of the Gaza Strip for over a week.

International Outcry

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the targeting of civilians by Israeli soldiers, while EU foreign policy chief Josep Borell denounced the tragic events as "totally unacceptable carnage."

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