Ed Miliband ‘is Labour’s Dennis the Menace, whose eco fanaticism could cost them the election’


ED Miliband is Labour’s Dennis the "Menace", whose eco fanaticism could cost them the election, party insiders fear.

"Red Ed" and his barmy eco policies

They urged his boss Sir Keir Starmer to junk "Red Ed" and his barmy eco policies before it is too late.

Renewed pressure to remove Ed Miliband

Mr Miliband survived the Labour reshuffle earlier this month, despite claims he is cosied up to eco rabble Extinction Rebellion. But Sir Keir is under renewed pressure to bin him after Rishi Sunak made easing net zero bans a key election issue.

Ed Miliband slams PM’s decision

Ed has slammed the PM’s decision to delay the new petrol car ban until 2035 and scrap laws forcing Brits to fork out thousands on insulation.

"Ed Miliband is a menace"

One former Labour frontbencher said: "Ed Miliband is a menace. Keir should have sacked him. Labour won’t win an election with an eco maniacal glint in its eye."

"Ed is a disaster"

A despairing Labour MP fumed: "I think Ed is a disaster. He was a disastrous leader and a disastrous secretary of state. Rishi’s decision to look at net zero costs leaves us exposed."

Ed Miliband kept out of the loop

Another party figure added: "Where was Ed after Rishi made his net zero announcement? They have put him in a cupboard and put a lock on it by the looks of things. And that is the right thing to do."

Ed Miliband defends his eco approach

Yesterday, Ed defended his eco approach. He told the Co-operative Party Conference: "We face three crises as a country. A cost of living crisis, a long-term economic crisis and a climate crisis. It’s the Tories who are responsible for a lot of the economic difficulties we have as a country and Sunak doesn’t give a damn about the climate crisis."

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