Eddie Izzard standing to be Labour MP in Brighton in glitzy promo video


EEDDIE Izzard has revealed she’s standing to be a Labour MP in Brighton in a glitzy promo video.

The comedian will run in Caroline Lucas’ seat of Brighton Pavillion – where the Green MP is standing down at the next election.

Eddie Izzard is running again to be a Labour candidate – after losing out in Sheffield last year

Eddie Izzard has revealed she will soon go by the name SuzyEddie Izzard also goes by the name Suzy

Eddie – also known as Suzy – hopes to rob them of their only seat in Parliament.

She’s previously said she didn’t want to stand on an all-woman shortlist as she idenifies as “gender fluid”.

It comes after she failed in her bid to become Labour’s candidate in Sheffield at the end of last year.

Izzard, 61, would be Labour’s first transgender MP if she gets elected.

Izzard has previously said she did not mind being called “he/him” and said: “I am not telling anyone else to do anything.”

And the comedian promised to inject a bit of fun into politics – which “can be a bit dry”.

Eddie told the Brighton Argus: “I really want to be in politics. My heritage is down here and I will bring all the energy from everything I’ve done before.

“I want to promote the successes of Brighton so people in this country and around the world can know more and more about it.”

She paid tribute to the outgoing MP – and saluted her “hard work”.

But she warned: “The Green Party is the party of protest, the Conservative Party is the party of chaos and Labour is the party of governance.

“We have a very good chance of being in government at the next election and if you want green policies in and if you want good governance, then vote me in.

“My mum died when I was six years old and I’ve been a fighter since then.

“If you want that energy, I’m right here and ready to go.”

She promised to fight on homelessness, renting and the NHS.

Eddie Izzard is trying to be Labour's candidate in Brighton
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