Five Key Announcements to Expect in King’s Speech


Smoking Ban

The PM plans to crack down on smoking by gradually raising the legal age to buy cigarettes. The new law will eventually make it illegal for anyone to buy cigarettes, ensuring a smoke-free future for Britain's youth.

Driverless Cars and Buses

New laws will give the green light to self-driving cars and buses, making our roads safer and creating thousands of jobs. The government has allocated £100 million to develop the necessary technology and infrastructure.

Crime Crackdown

The King will announce measures to keep dangerous criminals behind bars for longer. The Sentencing Bill will ensure that the most horrific murderers face life imprisonment, and rapists will serve their full sentences without eligibility for parole.

Renters Reform

The Renters Reform Bill will ban no fault evictions, giving tenants more security. The legislation will also establish a new Private Renters' Ombudsman to resolve disputes quickly and give tenants the right to have pets in their homes.

Drilling Licences

A new law will boost gas production in Britain by allowing big oil companies to bid for drilling licenses in the North Sea. This move aims to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers and stabilize energy prices.

Football Regulator

The government plans to create a new body to regulate the football industry, following recommendations from a fan-led review. The regulator will oversee the sport and address issues of governance and accountability.

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