Strictly Come Dancing: Adam Thomas’ Exit Sparks Controversy as Former Pro Dancer Claims “Stitch Up” by Judges


James Jordan Slams Judge's Scoring

Former Strictly Come Dancing pro, James Jordan, has criticized the judges' scoring that resulted in Adam Thomas' elimination from the competition. Thomas and his partner, Luba Mushtuk, found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard after Saturday's performances.

Adam Thomas "Stitched Up"

James Jordan expressed his belief that Adam Thomas was unfairly treated by the judges, stating that they failed to provide satisfactory reasons for awarding him only 27 points for his Rumba. Jordan praised Thomas' performance and Luba Mushtuk's choreography, suggesting that they were "stitched up" by the judges.

Controversy Surrounds Angela Rippon's Win

Viewers of Strictly Come Dancing have raised suspicions about the competition's integrity after Angela Rippon, a former presenter of the show's predecessor, Come Dancing, emerged as the winner despite making a blunder during her performance. Some believe that producers may have influenced the outcome to ensure Rippon's progression to the next round in Blackpool.

Viewers Express Disappointment

Fans of the show have expressed their disappointment with the judges' decision to eliminate Adam Thomas. Many believe that Thomas should have been saved over Angela Rippon, with some suggesting that the producers may have had a hand in determining the outcome of the dance off.

Adam Thomas lost the dance off by just one point, leaving viewers questioning the fairness of the result. With accusations of a "stitch up" and claims that producers are pushing for certain contestants to progress, the controversy surrounding Strictly Come Dancing continues to grow.