Former Aide Contradicts Angela Rayner’s Claim Over Council House Row


Labour's deputy leader, Angela Rayner, is facing a new setback as a former aide has written to the police contradicting her statement regarding a council house issue.

Former Aide's Testimony

The ex-staffer, Matt Finnegan, stated in his letter to Greater Manchester Police that Rayner's main residence was with her then husband, not at the house in Stockport where she was registered.

Pressure Mounts on Rayner

With ongoing police investigations, there are calls for Sir Keir Starmer to suspend Rayner from her position in the party.

Conservative voices have criticized Starmer's handling of the situation, questioning his leadership abilities.

Additional Allegations

Rayner is also accused of not paying capital gains tax when selling the home in 2015, with some calling for her removal from the frontbench.

However, Shadow Levelling-Up Minister Jim McMahon dismissed the issue as a minor one and suggested Rayner is facing undue scrutiny due to her background.

Rayner has stated she will step down if found guilty of any criminal offense.

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