Rishi Sunak could consider a summer general election, facing potential backlash from Tory MPs


Government sources hint at potential election timing

Rishi Sunak could call a summer general election if he avoids a wipeout in council votes next month, according to senior government sources. The choice between holding an election in July or November is described as "paper thin."

Tory MPs react furiously

Tory MPs have reacted furiously to the idea of an early election, warning that they could topple Sunak as Prime Minister if he dares to call for one. The PM could potentially use next month's local elections to announce a date for an election in June or July, as per government insiders.

Thin line between election timing options

According to a source, the decision on election timing hinges on the outcome of the local elections. If the results are really bad, the election might be pushed to November. However, if things go well, June or July could be on the table. The PM's decision is crucial, with little difference between the options.

No10 concerned about potential backlash

No10 is reportedly concerned about a significant backlash from Tory MPs if an election is called. A Tory MP expressed anger, suggesting that some may consider ousting Sunak as PM if he attempts to trigger an early election. The MP highlighted the preference to avoid potential election losses by handing over leadership.

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