Fresh Tory Civil War as MPs Clash Over Tax Cuts


Tory Backbenchers Slam Jeremy Hunt's Statement on Tax Cuts

A rift has opened up within the Tory party as backbench MPs criticize Chancellor Jeremy Hunt for claiming that tax cuts are "virtually impossible."

Fears of Election Defeat Drive Demands for Tax Cuts

Concerned about the party's chances in next year's general election, Tory MPs are urging Hunt to change his stance on tax cuts.

Rishi Sunak Begins Policy Blitz to Boost Party's Prospects

Rishi Sunak, as part of a No10 reset, has launched a series of policies to turn around flagging poll numbers for the Conservatives.

Treasury's Tax Burden Threatens Party's Reset Efforts

Tories have cautioned that the party's reset initiatives may be undermined if the Treasury continues to impose high tax burdens.

Conservative MPs Support PM's Bold Moves

Conservative MPs have commended Prime Minister Boris Johnson's recent initiatives, including delaying the ban on petrol and diesel cars and banning vapes.

Former Ministers Call for Tax Cuts

Ex-Cabinet Minister Sir John Redwood and former PM Liz Truss are among those urging the Chancellor to consider tax cuts.

Potential Changes to Taxes and Spending to Be Announced in November

Jeremy Hunt will reveal potential changes to taxes and spending on public services in the Autumn Statement next month.

"Very Difficult Decisions" Ahead, Says Chancellor

Hunt acknowledges the challenges posed by Britain's high debt levels and warns of tough choices ahead.

Speculation Surrounds Hunt's Strong Language on Taxes

Some suggest that Hunt's strong statements about tax cuts may be a deliberate strategy to lower expectations before surprises in the next Budget.