Hard-up couples will be able to marry in their back gardens in major shake-up of wedding laws


HARD-UP couples will be able to marry in their back gardens in a wedding laws shake-up.

Centuries old marriage rules will be torn up, allowing lovers to pick any location to get hitched — including their homes.

Our mock-up of what a back garden wedding could look like after a shake-up in the laws

Rules to allow outdoor weddings were relaxed during Covid and after a consultation, the Law Commission has now rubber stamped the changes.

It means Brits can get married on a beach, in a forest or even on a cruise ship if it is registered in the UK.

The Law Commission says: “With households facing growing financial pressures, the freedom to choose simpler, cheaper weddings would also allow couples to dramatically bring down costs.”

Prof Nick Hopkins, family law commissioner at the Law Commission, commented: “The current law on weddings is not working for many couples.

“Needless restrictions and outdated regulations mean that thousands each year are denied having a wedding that is meaningful to them.”

He added the reforms protect traditional vows and the “dignity of weddings, while offering couples more choice”.

Many other countries allow relaxed ceremonies.

Wedding planner Jessie Westwood said: “The freedom to be able to marry your loved one wherever and however you wish, according to your own beliefs or traditions, is important.

“It will allow for much more meaningful and memorable ceremonies.”

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