Home Politics Hate preachers to be banned from entering the UK in new crackdown

Hate preachers to be banned from entering the UK in new crackdown


Rishi Sunak leads efforts to keep extremist hate preachers out of the UK

RISHI Sunak is launching a crackdown on hate preachers stepping foot in the UK over fears they are trying to stoke violence and division in our streets. Ministers are increasingly concerned that Islamist extremists from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Indonesia are targeting the UK.

Government takes firm action to protect against extremism

A government source said: "The PM has been clear, enough is enough. We are a country of kind, decent, tolerant people and we will not allow hate preachers from overseas to come here to spread division and tear us apart. This government has taken firm action to tackle extremism and will go further to protect our democracy and keep the British people safe."

New measures to prevent hate preachers from entering the UK

Border Force can stop people coming to the UK if they are "non-conducive to the public good." The PM is also expected to come up with new guidance on how to cut off dodgy groups that preach extremism from having a role in any part of public life in the coming weeks.

Challenges in defining extremism

The government's attempts to come up with a legal definition of extremism have faced challenges. Michael Gove has been heading up attempts to come up with a widened definition of what extremism is to include those who vilify Britain.