Keir Starmer stands firm on fining parents for school absences


Labour's stance on school attendance

In a recent interview, Keir Starmer confirmed that parents who allow their children to miss school for holiday breaks will continue to face fines under Labour's leadership. The Labour leader emphasized the importance of regular school attendance for children's development.

Concerns raised by Education Secretary

Carrie Ann Booth, the Education Secretary in the HOAR Cabinet, highlighted the financial challenges faced by working families due to increased holiday prices outside of term time. This makes vacations unaffordable for many families, leading to concerns about school absences.

Current fines and absenteeism levels

Under the current rules, parents can be fined £60 for unauthorized school absences, with the penalty increasing to £120 if not paid within 28 days. Data shows a record level of absenteeism among students, with over 150,000 children missing more than half of their classes.

Starmer's tough stance and policy discussions

During the interview, Keir Starmer faced tough questions from Sun readers on various topics, including tax increases under Labour and policy u-turns. He also addressed concerns about the triple lock for pensioners and his views on gender issues, emphasizing the need for honesty and transparency with voters.

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