Kids should NOT hug their grannies yet even if they’ve had the vaccine, Deputy CMO warns


KIDS shouldn’t hug their grannies and grandpas yet even if they’ve had the vaccine, the deputy chief medical officer warned last night.

Jenny Harries advised the nation’s young children not to give them too many cuddles yet as there’s still a risk of spreading the virus around, even if they don’t get ill.

Jenny Harries warned against hugs just yet

Speaking at tonight’s press conference she said ministers were still not completely sure of the impact of the vaccine rollout on the effects of transmission.

She said: “I would encourage children not to go off yet… Even if their grandparents have had their vaccinations, not to go hugging them too much until we’re absolutely sure what the impact of that vaccine rollout has been.

“We just need to take a steady course.”

She said she was sure that it would still be positive and transmission would be reduced, but the evidence is still in the early stages.

But she admitted that it was “absolutely natural” for people to want to meet up and be close again after months apart.