Majority of UK Voters Believe Small Boat Migrants are a ‘Security Threat’


Tory Supporters and Brexit Voters Particularly Concerned

A recent poll has revealed that most voters in the UK believe that small boat migrants represent a significant security threat. According to the survey, 52% of respondents expressed concern about the illegal arrivals posing a risk to Britain. This figure rises to 78% among Tory supporters and 77% for Brexit voters. However, a fifth of respondents do not view small boat migrants as a threat, and 28% said they were unsure.

Negative Perception of Small Boat Migrants

The survey, conducted by People Polling on behalf of Migration Watch, also found that 46% of respondents regarded small boat migrants as "mostly bad" for the country. Just over a quarter of respondents believed they were "both good and bad," while only 7% considered them "mostly good."

Significant Increase in Channel Crossings

So far this year, over 25,000 illegal migrants have made the perilous journey across the English Channel to reach the UK. This surge in small boat crossings has prompted growing concerns among the public.

Opposition to Euro Judges' Influence

In addition to concerns about small boat migrants, the poll also revealed that 52% of respondents disagreed with European judges having the power to override the UK government's immigration plans. This finding highlights a desire among the public for the government to retain control over immigration policy.

Migration Watch Calls for Action

Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch, emphasized the importance of responding to public opinion on the matter. He stated, "Public opinion is quite clear: illegal migrants are mostly seen as bad for our country. The government must heed this message and take action to safeguard our nation's interests and uphold the rule of law."