Milkshake ‘Fat Tax’ Looms as Lib Dems Eye Power


New Tax Threatens Milkshakes

Liberal Democrats are considering a new "fat tax" that would hit milkshakes with an additional 18p to 24p per litre, extending the sugar tax to these beloved drinks. This move could have negative consequences for dairy farmers in the UK.

Backlash from Farmers

The revelation of this potential tax comes as Lib Dem environment spokesman Tim Farron prepares to attend the National Farmers’ Union Conference, where he may face criticism from producers and farmers.

Defending the Proposal

Farron defended the proposal, citing concerns about high sugar content in some milk-based products targeted at children. He emphasized the party's commitment to supporting British farmers who produce quality milk.

Criticism from Tories

A Conservative source criticized the Lib Dems, accusing them of lacking understanding of rural communities and not supporting British farmers. They questioned the party's agricultural plans and accused them of seeking a coalition with Labour at any cost.

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