Prince William’s Mission to Tackle Anti-Semitism in Middle East


Prince William Recognizes Human Suffering

Prince William is on a mission to tackle the rise of anti-semitism globally as he meets war heroes providing aid in Gaza this week.

Meeting with Heroes in Gaza

The Prince of Wales, 41, is set to meet with humanitarian aid workers and individuals who have been on the ground assisting those in need in Gaza.

Addressing Anti-Semitism

Prince William will also listen to young people at a synagogue, discussing experiences of hatred and anti-semitism following the recent events in Gaza.

Previous Reactions and Visits

Last year, Prince William and Kate expressed distress over the attacks in Israel and Gaza, condemning the actions of Hamas. In 2018, Prince William toured Israel and Palestine, becoming the first British royal to do so.

Concern and Hope for the Future

Sources close to the royal couple state they are deeply concerned by the violence in Israel and Gaza, holding all victims in their thoughts. They share hope for a better future for those affected.

Rising Cases of Anti-Semitism

Recent figures show a significant increase in anti-semitic incidents since the attacks on Israel in October, with a 589% rise compared to the same period in 2022.