NatWest boss’ grovelling apology over Coutts scandal is a victory – but more needs to be done


A TOP bank boss last night issued a grovelling apology to Nigel Farage for cancelling his account over his political views.

NatWest chief Alison Rose — in overall charge of posh bank Coutts — wrote to the ex-Ukip leader after the Treasury stepped in to demand firms end discrimination.

Nigel Farage was given a grovelling apology after his bank account was closed over his political views

By Nigel Farage

To receive an apology from the Chief Executive of a bank with 19 million customers – following my complaint about my treatment and the abusive language used by one of their subsidiaries about me – is in itself to be considered something of a victory.

More significant still is the work of the Treasury.

Many congratulations to our Treasury Minister Andrew Griffith for making sure that in future that when banks close accounts they give people three months notice and have to give the reasons why accounts have been closed.

But this is by no means enough.

This really never was about me. I could have kept quiet.

But I have spoken up because of thousands of businesses, small businesses, men and women all over the country who have had their accounts closed by these banks without any reasons given whatsoever.

I cannot just walk away from them as I have now become their voice.
In many cases, if people used the method that I did using subject access requests, they might get some solutions.

To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of subject access requests until a few months ago, but I used it and found out the truth.

I recommend all of you out there, who have been closed down, whether it’s your business or personal accounts, to go to the Information Commissioner’s Office website to see the template and it’s very easy to do.

In the case of NatWest, you fill out the form and send it to them – they then have to reveal what private information they have on you.

If you’ve been treated as badly by the bank as I have, and I know many people in this country have, please just do it now.

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