Street Fighter 6 preview – Spinning bird kicking into our hearts


THREE major fighting series are making a comeback in the next few months.

Whether you’re a Tekken, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter fan, there’s going to be plenty to enjoy.

The cast is looking bigger and beefier than ever.

The first one ready to release is Street Fighter 6, a game the community has been waiting for since 2016.

GLHF was invited to London to play the version of Street Fighter 6 that players will get their hands on at launch day.

We experienced the entire base roster of characters for Versus, and a number of the offline modes too.

The recent demo allowed players to enjoy the single-player World Tour mode, but we were able to play further than the demo allowed.

Your custom character can learn a style from any of the other characters, which makes up their standard moveset.

This allows you to mix and match the best moves from across the cast, allowing for devastating combos.

Your custom height and the length of your limbs are also factored into your character’s hitbox, allowing you to reach across the screen with your spindly arms, while keeping your tiny body away from harm.

Metro City is equally a goofy place to live in, especially when you can punch almost anyone in the way to start a fight.

This will allow you to increase your level, health power and more, turning Street Fighter into an RPG.

You can also use your Shoryuken and Spinning Bird Kirk to move around and traverse rooftops, which adds to the fun.

We also tried out Cammy’s combo trials which showcased the limits SF6 can reach.

There is a great amount of depth in the combat system, and these trials use an on-screen metre to help you get a better understanding of how combos work.

We tried at least one three-round match with each starting character, which wasn’t enough time to get to grips with the new characters.

But we took a shine to JP with his mix of telekinetic attacks and teleportation.

The new characters feel like there is a lot of versatility to them, where they can counter existing characters in a variety of ways.

With everything we tried, we’re already preparing ourselves for one of the biggest Street Fighter releases of all time, both in terms of content and hype.

It’s a complete change from SF5’s bare bones launch, with plenty to play with right from the start.

It looks amazing, and feels just as good to play, but only time will tell if the new characters will fit smoothly into the meta.

If the servers can hold up on launch day, this could be an incredible day-one play.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.