New Immigration Rules: Salary Threshold for Family Visas Reduced in Government U-Turn


Concerns Over Family Separation Addressed

The UK government has made a U-turn on its new salary threshold rules for family visas, reducing the minimum earnings requirement for immigrants. The initial proposal of a £38,700 threshold had raised fears of families being torn apart. However, Home Office minister Lord Sharpe of Epsom announced that the threshold will now be set at £29,000, with no specific timeline for further increases.

Net Migration Reduction Still Expected

Home Secretary James Cleverly had unveiled a five-point plan earlier this month, aimed at significantly reducing net migration, which reached a record 745,000 last year. The plan included targeting foreign care workers and students who bring dependents. Despite the salary threshold reduction, Cleverly remains confident that the overall plan will result in 300,000 fewer people coming to the UK compared to last year.

Political Reactions

The government's U-turn on the salary threshold has received mixed responses from politicians. Tory MP Jonathan Gullis expressed disappointment, while Liberal Democrat frontbencher Alistair Carmichael criticized the government's decision as a half-thought through idea to appease hardliners. Carmichael emphasized the importance of expert input in decision-making.

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