Sir Keir Starmer Supports Calls for Change in Assisted Dying Law


Labour leader lends support to national debate on assisted dying

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, has expressed his support for a change in the law on assisted dying. His backing comes after TV presenter Dame Esther Rantzen sparked a national debate on the issue.

"Grounds for Changing the Law"

Sir Keir believes there are valid reasons to consider changing the law to allow those who are terminally ill to have the option of assisted dying. During a visit to Nato troops in Estonia, he stated, "I personally do think there are grounds for changing the law."

Private Member's Bill and Free Vote

The Labour leader noted that this issue has traditionally been handled through a private member's bill and a free vote in Parliament. He believes this approach is appropriate and supported a change in the law during the previous vote on assisted dying in 2015.

Health Secretary Declines to Express Opinion

Health Secretary Victoria Atkins has refrained from sharing her opinion on whether another vote on assisted dying should take place in Parliament. According to Atkins, as Health Secretary, it is best for her not to express a personal stance on the matter.

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