Parents Demand Access to Sex Education Materials for their Children


Education Secretary Orders Schools to Show Parents Sex Education Lessons

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan is calling on schools to provide parents with access to sex education materials. Keegan's directive comes amid concerns that some children are being taught controversial concepts and explicit content.

Parents' Right to Know

Keegan asserts that parents have the right to be informed about what their children are learning in sex education classes and should not be denied access. In the past, some schools cited copyright law as a reason for withholding these materials.

Debunking the Copyright Myth

Keegan dismisses the claim that copyright law prevents parents from seeing sex education materials as baseless. She states, "No ifs, no buts and no more excuses. This government is acting to guarantee parents' fundamental right to know what their children are being taught in sex and relationships education."

Reviewing the Curriculum

The Department for Education is currently reviewing the entire relationships and sex education curriculum. As part of this process, Keegan will also be reaching out to parents to outline their rights to view sex education materials if they wish.

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