PM launches scathing attack on Labour accusing them of being in cahoots with lefty lawyers aiding illegal migrants


RISHI Sunak today launched an astonishing attack on Labour, accusing the party of being in cahoots with lefty lawyers who help illegal migrants.

In a scathing tweet, the PM argued Sir Keir Starmer, lawyers and criminal gangs are “all on the same side”.

Rishi Sunak today accused Labour of being in cahoots with lefty lawyers aiding small boat migrants

The comments followed an investigation by the Mail, which found solicitors are charging thousands of pounds to submit deliberately false asylum claims for illegal immigrants.

One firm charged an eye-watering £10,000 to make up a tragic back story to support an asylum application.

Responding to the findings, a furious PM tweeted: “This is what we’re up against.

“The Labour Party, a subset of lawyers, criminal gangs – they’re all on the same side, propping up a system of exploitation that profits from getting people to the UK illegally.

“I have a plan to stop it.”

Home Secretary Suella Braverman joined in the fury as she put rogue lawyers on notice.

“I expect the authorities to track down and punish any lawyers or firms found to be engaging in these kinds of practices,” she fumed.

“Labour should reconsider next time they claim our asylum system isn’t being abused.”

Opposition MPs hit back at the PM’s criticism, describing it as “pathetic”.

Shadow Environment Secretary Jim McMahon said: “When all else is lost, the only place you have is the gutter.

“Poor yes. Desperate and pathetic from Sunak too.”

The row comes as last week the PM finally got his stop the boats bill to pass through parliament.

The fresh law will see anyone who comes to Britain by dinghy detained and removed to either their state of origin or a third country.

The illegal migrants will also be barred from ever claiming asylum in the UK.

Raging Rishi added: “Labour have tried to block every vote to stop the boats.

“Their plan for immigration is an open door. But I know stopping the boats is a priority for the British people.

“And I’m leaving no stone unturned to get it done.”