PM Orders Wargames for Terror Attacks in UK as Suella Braverman Blasts ‘Utterly Odious’ Pro-Palestine ‘Hate Marches’


Rishi Sunak Takes Action

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has directed police chiefs to conduct wargames in response to the growing terrorism threat in the UK. At an emergency Cobra meeting, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned of an "accelerated terrorism threat" following Israel's defensive war against Hamas. The aim of these wargames is to prepare for and mitigate against potential public order and counter-terrorism scenarios.

Prosecution Service Urged to Act

Bosses at the Crown Prosecution Service have been instructed to do "everything possible" to ensure that extremists who glorify Hamas and spread anti-Semitism at pro-Palestine marches are brought to justice. This comes as tens of thousands of protesters gathered in central London over the weekend, prompting Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, to label these demonstrations as "hate marches." Braverman has vowed to tighten anti-terror laws in order to punish dangerous extremists who operate beneath the criminal threshold.

Growing Concerns

Since Hamas launched its attack on Israel, there have been 100 conflict-related arrests made by the police. Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Mark Rowley has expressed concerns about an increase in anti-Semitism and hate crimes in communities. He emphasized the need for a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism and highlighted the importance of identifying protestors who have violated anti-extremism rules.