Priti Patel slams gender ideology and insists ‘political correction’ has taken over schools during rally


Former Home Secretary, Priti Patel, strongly criticized gender ideology and emphasized the importance of parental input in school curriculum during a rally.

Attack on 'woke' ideas

Patel expressed her dismay at the promotion of 'woke' ideas by taxpayer-funded organizations. She argued that a pervasive culture of "political correction" has infiltrated schools, government departments, and local councils.

Blaming socialism

According to Patel, the "corrosive culture" can be attributed to socialism, arguing that it has allowed these ideas to flourish unchecked. She called for these appalling ideas to be called out and rejected.

Protecting parents' rights

Patel voiced her concern over the targeting of children on gender issues and the erosion of parents' rights. She stressed the need to give parents the power to say 'no' in institutions and schools.

Push for Tory control

Patel urged the Conservative party to regain control in local bodies and schools to ensure that the rights of parents are heard and respected.

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