Right-wing Tory faction reveal manifesto demands


Cutting taxes, slashing immigration, and quitting the ECHR

A faction of right-wing Tory MPs has unveiled a manifesto wish-list, outlining their demands to cut taxes, slash immigration, and quit the European Court of Human Rights.

The New Conservatives caucus presents their demands

The New Conservatives caucus of 2019ers has produced a set of five demands that they want Rishi Sunak to adopt as the election approaches.

Concerns over rising migration

Tory MP Tom Hunt has voiced concerns over the soaring levels of migration, stating that it is not xenophobic to not want to feel like you're living in a foreign country when you walk into your town centre.

Tory bosses won't expel rebels

Ex-party chairman Jake Berry has vowed to vote against any tax rises and believes that Tory bosses would not risk expelling would-be rebels, as it would wipe out their majority.

Influential figures make their voices heard

Former Cabinet Ministers Dame Priti Patel, Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Sir John Redwood all delivered speeches at the faction's event.

Disappointment over lack of progress

Tory MP and co-founder Miriam Cates highlighted the group's frustration, stating that the intent in 2019 was to take back control of the country, but so far, they have been unable to fully free themselves from European and Blairite law. Cates also expressed concerns about rising taxes, immigration, and the quality of education.

Reflecting the frustrations seen in polls

The faction acknowledges that there is a deep-seated frustration among the public, which is reflected in the polls.