Priti Patel slams ‘shameful’ peers for blocking new protest laws


PRITI Patel has blasted “shameful” peers blocking a bid to stop mass protests disrupting lives.

The Home Secretary warned they are backing actions that put lives at risk and vowed: “We’re not giving up on this.”

Priti Patel says peers could wreck the life of workers and cost lives

She hit out after laws aimed at stopping climate change extremists glueing themselves to roads were watered down by “wreckers” in the Lords.

Labour peers accused her of attempting to stifle protest.

But she said her crackdown was aimed at upholding free speech and the right to travel to and from work.

She said: “We’re staunch defenders of freedom.

“Those who want to wreck our reforms are supporting the action of people out to disrupt the lives of workers.

“They’ve supported people chaining themselves to fuel tankers and putting lives at risk.”



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The planned changes were drawn up after demos stopped ambulances taking people to hospital.

But peers want to limit them to main roads.

Ms Patel told HOAR on Sunday: “It’s shameful.

“The Lords should take a good look at themselves.

“They’re unelected and totally unrepresentative of the British people.

“By blocking these reforms they’re siding with protesters.”

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