Rebel Tory MPs Warn Against Toppling Rishi Sunak Over Rwanda Migrants Plan


Party Chairman Warns of Insanity in Toppling Sunak

Rebel Tory MPs have been warned that it would be "insanity" to try to topple Rishi Sunak over his plan regarding Rwanda migrants. Party chairman Richard Holden expressed his concerns, fearing that such a revolt could lead to the removal of a third Prime Minister in just over a year.

Speculation of No Confidence Letters

Speculation is swirling in Westminster that some Tory MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in Mr. Sunak. However, it is believed that the number of letters falls short of the 53 required to trigger a leadership contest.

Challenging the Rebels

Mr. Holden challenged his colleagues, questioning whether they are interested in being in government or prefer sitting in opposition. He stated that forcing a contest before the next election would be "insanity".

Prime Minister Urges Support for Rwanda Plan

The Prime Minister called on MPs to support his plan regarding Rwanda. He emphasized his determination to see it through but did not explicitly state that a vote on the Safety of Rwanda Bill would be seen as a confidence issue. The first vote on the principle of the Bill is expected to pass next week, while the final vote, where rebels are seeking more concessions, will take place next year.

Sunak Fights for Authority

Mr. Sunak is working to reassert his authority after his immigration minister, Robert Jenrick, resigned. Mr. Jenrick claimed that the proposed law for migrant flights to East Africa was too weak. In response, Mr. Sunak stated that the new Bill addresses every reason that has been used to halt removals to Kigali. He also warned European judges against interfering and reiterated his determination to take any necessary action to ensure the success of the flights.

Verdicts Awaited from Backbench Factions

Downing Street is awaiting the verdicts of two backbench factions whose views could make or break Mr. Sunak's position. Both the Brexiteer MPs and the One Nation centrists have hired lawyers to review the Bill. In the wake of Mr. Jenrick's resignation, Michael Tomlinson will take on the role of minister for illegal migration, while Tom Pursglove will be in charge of legal migration.