Rishi Sunak Closes Gap in Polls After Decision to Stall Ban on Petrol Cars


Rishi Sunak's recent move to delay the ban on selling new petrol cars has resulted in a significant rise in his popularity, with him gaining eight points in the polls. As a result, the Labour Party's lead has been reduced to 16 percentage points, down from 24 just ten days ago.

Tories Take Comfort in PM's Comeback

The speed and scale of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's comeback in the polls has provided reassurance for concerned Tories. Although there is still a considerable gap, the Conservatives are encouraged by this positive development.

Deltapoll's Findings

Deltapoll's survey found that support for the Labour Party dropped by three points to 44%, while the Conservatives saw a five-point increase, reaching 28%. The data was collected from voters over the weekend following Sunak's decision to extend the Net Zero car deadline from 2030 to 2035.

Labour's Lead Shrinks

A separate poll conducted by Redfield and Wilton revealed that Labour's lead decreased to 15 points, down from 18 points a week prior. This further signifies a positive shift for the Tories and highlights potential concerns for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Sunak's Approval Rating Soars

Rishi Sunak's personal approval rating also experienced a notable increase of seven points, moving up to -14. In comparison, Sir Keir Starmer remained ahead with a +9 rating. This surge in Sunak's popularity is likely attributed to his decision regarding the petrol car ban.

Experts Criticize Starmer's Policies

Political experts argue that Starmer is facing difficulties after suggesting his willingness to participate in Europe-wide asylum sharing. Additionally, his recent statement at a conference, expressing a desire to avoid diverging from the EU, has sparked criticism as it contradicts the purpose of Brexit.

Tories Capitalize on Net Zero Commitments

Tory MP Craig Mackinlay points out the significant narrowing of the polls, attributing it to the Tories' more realistic commitments on Net Zero. Furthermore, former minister Brendan Clarke-Smith highlights that Starmer's inconsistency has weakened his standing among voters.

Tory Vice Chairman Warns of Starmer's Policies

Tory Vice Chairman Lee Anderson asserts that it is no surprise the polls are narrowing, as the Conservative Party has put forth policies that resonate with the British public. He further claims that Starmer's stance on legalizing illegal immigration and potentially rejoining the EU, in all but name, is concerning.