Rishi Sunak refuses to hand back £10m donation from Tory backer accused of racist comments


PM defends decision

Rishi Sunak has stated that he has no plans to return the £10 million donation given by a key Tory supporter accused of making racist remarks. The Prime Minister defended Frank Hester, saying that he had apologized for his comments and that "remorse should be accepted."

Labour Leader challenges PM

During a heated exchange at Prime Minister's Questions, Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer confronted the PM, questioning his acceptance of funding from Mr. Hester, who allegedly made derogatory comments about Diane Abbott, Britain's longest-serving black MP.

Response from Sunak

Responding to the accusations, Rishi Sunak condemned the alleged comments as racist and affirmed that there is no place for such behavior in the UK. He reiterated that remorse from Mr. Hester should be acknowledged and highlighted the government's stance against racism.

Refusal to return the donation

Despite calls from opposition parties to return the donation, Post Office minister Kevin Hollinrake stated that it is not the "right thing to do" and implied that the Tories would welcome further contributions from Mr. Hester.

Labour's criticism

Sir Keir Starmer pressed the PM on whether he would give back the £10 million and criticized the acceptance of funding from someone who made racist and misogynistic remarks. The PM defended his position and pointed out alleged instances of questionable behavior within the Labour Party.

Police involvement

Following the revelations, police have been contacted regarding the reported comments, with Scotland Yard confirming that they are in communication with an MP about the matter.

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