Rishi Sunak Throws Shade at Liz Truss and Matt Hancock at Westminster Correspondents’ Dinner


Rishi Sunak Blames Liz Truss and Takes a Dig at Matt Hancock

At a glamorous black tie dinner for Westminster journalists, Rishi Sunak didn't hold back as he delivered a brutal takedown of Liz Truss and Matt Hancock. In a savage speech at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, the PM criticized Truss for blaming the disastrous mini-budget on everyone but herself and her favorite free market think tank. Sunak also roasted Hancock for his cringeworthy TikTok videos.

No One Is Spared: Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries Also Targeted

Rishi Sunak didn't stop there. He took aim at Boris Johnson, calling him out alongside Nadine Dorries, his number one fan and top lieutenant. Sunak didn't miss a beat in throwing shade at the duo during his speech.

A Year of Reflection

Reflecting on the past year in British politics, Rishi Sunak made sure to highlight the events that led to his becoming Prime Minister. He also took the opportunity to sarcastically point out that Liz Truss had been reflecting on who to blame for the catastrophic mini-budget, suggesting that almost every body in British public life had been targeted except for the Institute for Economic Affairs.

Matt Hancock's Busy Year and Cringeworthy Social Media Posts

In a humorous aside, Rishi Sunak noted that no one had a busier year than Matt Hancock, listing his appearances on shows like "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" and "Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins." Sunak couldn't resist mentioning the Online Safety Bill that he introduced, which aims to prevent the spread of harmful content, like a former health secretary lip syncing to a Barbie song on TikTok.

Conference Karaoke and Predictions

With the Conservative Party Conference just around the corner, Rishi Sunak teased the audience with his plans for the infamous "Tory-oke night." He revealed the rumored song choices of top politicians, including Boris Johnson, Nadine Dorries, and Liz Truss. The dinner guests were surely left eager to see if these predictions would come true.

A Night of Jazz, Glamour, and Laughs

The Westminster Correspondents' Dinner is a highlight of the political calendar, where journalists, ministers, and MPs come together. It's a time to recognize the important work of reporters in holding power accountable and safeguarding democracy. The dinner also serves as an opportunity for the Prime Minister of the day to deliver a no-holds-barred speech, poking fun at political figures and journalists alike.

As Rishi Sunak arrived at last night's event in a snazzy suit and black bow tie, journalists and top politicians mingled, enjoying a brief moment of calm before the storm. With the Tory conference just a few days away and the Labour conference following soon after, the mood was filled with anticipation and excitement.