Rishi Sunak vows to do ‘whatever is necessary’ to stop small boats and ban illegal migrants for LIFE in huge crackdown


RISHI Sunak tonight vowed to do “whatever is necessary” to end the small boats crisis.

The defiant PM warned he was “up for the fight” with left-wing lawyers plotting to sink his plan – and said: “We will win.”

Rishi Sunak at a special Stop The Boats press conference

At a special Stop The Boats press conference he warned Britain will use “every tool at our disposal” to end the Channel crisis.

He admitted his Illegal Migration Bill “is tough but it is necessary and it is fair” and will end “spurious human rights claims” frustrating deportations.

Addressing would-be migrants directly, the PM said: “If you come to the UK illegally, you can’t claim asylum.

“You can’t benefit from our modern slavery protections. You can’t make spurious human rights claims. You can’t stay.”

And he insisted if the bill is allowed to act as an effective deterrent: “They will not come and the boats will stop.”

Mr Sunak added: “We have tried it every other way and it has not worked – this country and your government should decide who comes here, not criminal gangs.”

He said the current system of people smugglers is “neither immoral nor sustainable”.

Meanwhile the Home Secretary vowed to MPs “the fightback starts here” as ministers finally revealed their long awaited Small Boats clampdown.

Earlier in the Common she promised to stop Britain “being taken for a ride”, illegal migrants will be held by Border Force for the same length as terror suspects.

The move risks a major clash with the European Convention of Human Rights – but Home Secretary Suella Braverman vowed she’s up for the fight.

Unveiling the government’s new Illegal Migration Bill in the Commons, she praised Brits for being a “famously a fair and patient people”.

But she added for too long “their sense of fair play has been tested beyond its limits”.

Ms Braverman pledged: “Anyone entering this country illegally will be detained and swiftly removed.

“No ifs, no buts. The law-abiding patriotic majority have said: Enough is enough.

“This cannot and will not continue.”

The long-awaited Bill will be applied retrospectively for all small boat arrivals — even though the new law could take months to pass.

It will ensure only under-18s and the genuinely sick will be allowed to apply for asylum in the UK.

All other arrivals will be deported home or to a safe third-country like Rwanda.

And they’ll be banned from ever living in the UK.