Rwanda Deportation Flights Set to Take Off Before General Election, Says Migration Minister


Promise of Deportation Flights

The illegal migration minister, Michael Tomlinson, has announced that deportation flights to Rwanda will commence before the general election, pending parliamentary approval.

Moral Imperative to Deter Illegal Migration

Tomlinson emphasized the importance of deterring illegal migration and stopping smuggling gangs, labeling it a "moral imperative."

Plan for Implementation

Tomlinson highlighted the need for Parliament to vote on the bill and ratify the treaty supporting the policy before the deportation flights can proceed.

PM Rishi Sunak's Bet

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has engaged in a £1,000 bet with TalkTV's Piers Morgan regarding the success of the Rwanda deportation plan before the general election.

Challenges Ahead

The Rwanda Bill, introduced to reinstate the policy following a Supreme Court ruling, faces opposition and potential delays in the House of Lords from peers who object to certain measures.

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