Rwanda to Crack Down on Small Boats Crossing the Channel, Home Office Says


Value for Money

Rwanda will be considered value for money if it manages to deter just a third of small boats, according to the Home Office.

High Number of Migrants Crossing

534 illegal migrants crossed the Channel in 10 dinghies on Sunday, marking the highest daily total for the year so far. More than 6,264 people have crossed in small boats this year.

Push for Rwanda Flights

Chancellor Rishi Sunak reiterates commitment to start Rwanda flights by the end of spring as MPs send flagship Bill back to the Lords for approval.

Cost of Deportation and Additional Funding

Home Office's top civil servant Sir Matthew Rycroft says costs of deporting asylum seekers to Kigali would be justified if a third of small boats were stopped. An additional £50 million will be sent to Rwanda once the Safety of Rwanda Bill becomes law.

Underestimation of Costs

Home Office faces criticism for grossly underestimating costs of converting old RAF bases into migrant facilities. Costs for Wethersfield and Scampton airfields surge from £5 million to £49 million and £27 million respectively.

Capacity Challenges

The Bibby Stockholm barge has yet to reach its 400-person capacity, with plans to achieve this by June.

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