Scotland to vote on providing free tampons and period products to EVERYONE


SCOTLAND will today vote on providing free tampons and period products to EVERYONE.

The historic vote would end “shaming” period poverty by giving women and girls of all ages the right to free period products.

Scotland will vote to make tampons and period products free

The estimated annual cost of giving out period products comes in to the tune of £9.7million.

Scottish politicians in Holyrood already voted in 2018 to give students free access to tampons and other products.

As many as one in 10 girls across the UK has been unable to pay for period products – and twice as many have used other, less suitable products because they could not afford it.

The average amount of money spent per month on period products is roughly £11.

But others have claimed the cost is even higher – possibly as high as £500 a year.

Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon has spearheaded the “world-leading” legislation to roll out universal access to tampons and sanitary products.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Ms Lennon said today: “We are in the final miles of a long journey and I am heartened by the support for the Period Products Bill.

“I am optimistic that we will complete that groundbreaking journey today.

“Scotland will not be the last country to make period poverty history – but it now has a chance to be the first.

“This law will ensure no-one has to go without essential period products.”

Ms Lennon added the success of the campaign would “secure period dignity” for women and girls across the country.

Campaigner Kerry Wright said not having access to period products while growing up left her feeling so ashamed she missed school.

She said: “It was very shaming for me, and I felt guilty a lot of the time as well – this was something I was causing and I had to hide and keep to myself.”

Earlier this year, Chancellor Rishi Sunak scrapped VAT on tampons and period products from January next year.


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